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Programmes of the CBS Research Week - 27-30. May 2019

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Programmes in English

28th May 2019

11:00-15:45 The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Inflection Point, Entropy, or Interregnum?


Speaker: Dr. Takis Damaskopoulos, Executive Director and Head of Research, European Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (EIIR), Paris, France

Time: 11:00-15:45, 28th May

Room: C106



The purpose of the workshop is to present an overview of a wider-ranging research program on what is being increasingly referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The workshop highlights the key research concentration areas and thematic streams. It intends exploring the key transformative tendencies of our time and also gaining engagement in debate, criticism and active participation in retaining what is socially and economically beneficial and constructive while avoiding what is harmful and destructive. Because, as we shall see, there is potential for plenty of both. 


  1. “Defining the field of investigation” explores the main aspects of the field of investigation by focusing on selected elements of the 4IR and its periodization as a historical phenomenon. 
  2. “Conceptual Framework and Method” elaborates the conceptual and methodological framework of the program.
  3. “Micro-level: The 4IR on the level of the firm, functions and phases of production”
    • The decomposition / re-composition of production and the rise of Global Value Chains.
    • Cloud computing, Big Data, algorithms and the Internet of Everything.
    • The emergence of the “platform economy”.
    • The “platform economy” business model.
    • The changing form of the corporation: Nikefication.
  4. “Meso-level: The 4IR on the level of regions and regional innovation ecosystems”
    • Centralization vs. decentralization in the “platform economy”.
    • The changing economic geography: reshuffling.
    • Commoditization and  “smart specialization”.
    • Symbiotic  vs. parasitic ecosystems.
  5. “Macro-level: The 4IR on the level of the state, innovation, and sustainability”
    • Industry  4.0:  a  new  innovation  “enabling  framework”
    • Comparative readiness for Industry 4.0.
    • Employment and skills:  Industry  4.0  skillsets and  Uberization.
    • Inequality, gentrification and social segregation.
    • Governance: regulation, innovation and sustainability.
  6. “Scenarios”.
    • Scenario 1. Inflection Point.
    • Scenario 2: Entropy.
    • Scenario 3: Interregnum. 

29th May 2019

9:00-10:45 Education Technology

Szervező: Trinh Anh Tuan, Havran Dániel

Időpont: 9:00-10:45, május 29. 

Helyszín: C106

30th May 2019

9:00-10:45 FinTech Workshop

Organizer: Trinh Anh Tuan, Corvinus Fintech Center

Time: 9:00-15:45, 30th May

Room: C106


11:00-12:45 Synergies for an Active PRME CEE Chapter, Research Synergies – World Café


Organizer: Matolay Réka, Harangozó Gábor

Time: 11:00-12:45, 30th May

Room: C107

The two-day workshop aims at maximizing the interactions of participating PRME CEE members in order to develop explicit ideas how to cooperate within the PRME CEE Chapter. Therefore, we would like to make us learn more about each other and identify teaching, research and outreach synergies throughout this workshop process.

Research Synergies – World Café: An opportunity to share your research and to even find potential partners from the region and Corvinus (e.g. for further research, comparative publications, etc.)


13:00-18:00 Conversion from local to global branding: the international expansion of the LaLiga business model


Organizer: Kozma Miklós

Time: 13:00-18:00, 30th May

Room: C.X

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