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Research at Corvinus Business School

Corvinus Business School is a recognised institution of the Hungarian science communities, and it is an active member of the international academic life. By acknowledging and promoting the knowledge diversity of the community of the University, the School undertakes multidisciplinary and innovative approaches and intensely reflects on the social and economic contexts.

In 2017, the School formulated three major goals for achieving higher research performance in an organic way.


  • According to the research excellence goal, CBS aims to produce high quality academic publications in those topics that are vital for the community of the School and its stakeholders.
  • By the international recognition goal, the School aims to strengthen the international dimension of research (international publications and cooperation), targeting to ameliorate the level of international education as well.
  • For supporting all the value-creating research activities, the School wishes to provide an environment where the strong local research impact is a key element of the culture in all fields of the School, including practice-oriented and education-oriented research activities.

CBS’s mission entails ‘advance knowledge’ and its vision prescribes research excellence. The social embeddedness of the School matters also with regard to research: research that is relevant locally, as well as, international research to be introduced to local audiences are of high importance because of the local language and our mission towards the Hungarian-speaking academic and business constituencies in- and outside Hungary. On the other hand, CBS would like to explain the lessons learnt locally to the international academic community, thus, the international focus is an immanent part of the research strategy.


Key Research Directions

In 2017, a one-year explorative and participatory process was designed by the Faculty Research Committee to identify the key research areas of the School with the contribution of internal and external stakeholders. The output of the process is the identification of five broad research directions.


business model innovation, entrepreneurial management, industrial marketing, financial markets, regulation

Digitalization and data-driven world
informatics, digital transformation, FinTech, industry 4.0, IT process management, digital media, data analytics 

Ecological and economic sustainability, engergy and agriculture
ecological economics, de-growth economy, energy, sustainable economic and financial systems, agricultural economics

Networks, learning and knowledge
industrial/interpersonal/financial networks, knowledge management, learning, decision-making, behavioural approaches

Social diversity, internationalisation and multicultural issues
culture, gender, social responsibility, ethics, intercultural studies, sport


The major elements of the process were a comprehensive text mining analysis of recent publications by CBS faculty, resulting in data on the most researched areas; series of horizon scanning interviews with corporate and community stakeholders about their research needs currently and potentially in the future; series of interactions with faculty members: explorative workshops dedicated to the identifications of the distiguished research topics at two Faculty Research Weeks as well as a verification exercise by placing/connecting the research topics of individual faculty members to the five umbrella topics.


International Research Partnerships

EM Normandie


University of Passau

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