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Call for Best Paper Award 2018

The CBS Faculty Research Committee’s call awards publications published in prominent international scientific journals in 2017. The awarded prize amounts to 300.000 – 700.000 HUF per person. The prize behoves all authors of a publication within CBS, in case of application. 

Best Paper Award 2018 



Awards in 2018


D1 Articles


Dóra BALOG, T L BÁTYI, Péter CSÓKA, Miklós PINTÉR: Properties and comparison of risk capital allocation methods, European Journal of Operational Research 259:(2) pp. 614-625. (2017)

Q1 Articles

Jeremiás Máté BALOGH

Jeremiás Máté BALOGH, Attila JÁMBOR: Determinants of CO2 Emission: A Global Evidence, International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy 

Q2 Articles

Lajos Zoltán BAKUCS

Imre FERTŐ, Zoltán BAKUCS, Štefan BOJANEC, Laure LATRUFFE: East-West European farm investment behaviour: the role of financial constraints and public support, Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research

Q3 Articles




Awards of Previous Periods

Awards in 2017


D1 Articles

Krisztina DEMETER

Krisztina Demeter, Levente Szász, Béla-Gergely Rácz: The impact of subsidiaries’ internal and external integration on operational performance, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 182, pp. 73-85. (2016)


Q1 Awards


András Nemeslaki, Márta Aranyossy, Péter Sasvári: Could on-line voting boost desire to vote? –Technology acceptance perceptions of young Hungarian citizens, Government Information Quarterly 33:(4) pp. 705-714. (2016)


Jeremiás BALOGH

Attila Jámbor, Jeremiás Balogh, Péter Kucsera: Country and industry specific determinants of intra-industry agri-food trade in the Baltic Countries, Agricultural Economics Zemedelska Ekonomika 62:(6) pp. 280-291. (2016)



Ildikó Kemény, Judit Simon, Ákos Nagy, Krisztián Szűcs: Measuring quality perception in electronic commerce: A possible segmentation in the Hungarian market, Industrial Management & Data Systems, Vol. 116 Issue: 9, pp.1946-1966. (2016)



Bálint Balázs, György Pataki, Orsolya Lazányi: Prospects for the future: Community supported agriculture in Hungary, Futures Volume 83, October 2016, Pages 100–111.


András MEZŐSI, Zsuzsanna PATÓ, László SZABÓ

András Mezősi, Zsuzsanna Pató, László Szabó: Assessment of the EU 10% interconnection target in the context of CO2 mitigation, Climate Policy, Vol. 16, No. 5, 658–672. (2016)


András MEZŐSI, László SZABÓ

András Mezősi, László Szabó: Model based evaluation of electricity network investments in Central Eastern Europe, Energy Strategy Reviews 13-14 (2016) 53-60.



Eszter Kovács Krasznai, György Pataki: The participation of experts and knowledges in the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), Environmental Science & Policy 57: pp. 131-139. (2016)


Zsuzsanna PATÓ

Jan Rosenow, Cor Leguijt, Zsuzsanna Pato, Nick Eyre, Tina Fawcet: An ex-ante evaluation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive - Article 7, Economics Of Energy & Environmental Policy 5:(2) pp. 45-63. (2016)


Henriett PRIMECZ

Henriett Primecz, Jasmin Mahadevan, Laurence Romani: Why is cross-cultural management scholarship blind to power relations? Investigating ethnicity, language, gender and religion in power-laden contexts, International Journal Of Cross Cultural Management: CCM 16:(2) pp. 127-136. (2016)



Tibor Mandják, Zsuzsanna Szalkai, Edit Neumann-Bódi, Mária Magyar, Judit Simon: Trigger Issues in Emerging Relationships, Industrial Marketing Management 58:(October) pp. 137-147. (2016)



Angela Tregear, Áron Török , Matthew Gorton: Geographical indications and upgrading of small-scale producers in global agro-food chains: A case study of the Mako Onion Protected Designation of Origin, Environment and Planning A 2016, Vol. 48(2) 433–451.


Áron Török, Attila Jámbor: Determinants of the revealed comparative advantages: The case of the European ham trade, Agric. Econ. – Czech, 62, 2016 (10): 471–481.


Q2 Articles

Krisztina DEMETER

Krisztina Demeter, Levente Szász: The diversity of European manufacturing plant roles in international manufacturing networks, Journal for East European Management Studies, Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 184 (2016)


Nikolett DEUTSCH

László Berényi, Nikolett Deutsch, Éva Pintér: Business Students’ Preferences about Social Responsibility in Hungary, Wseas Transactions on Business and Economic (ISSN: 1109-9526) (eISSN: 2224-2899) 13: pp. 662-674. (2016)



Krisztina Rita Dörnyei, Tamás Gyulavári: Why do not you read the label? – an integrated framework of consumer label information search, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 40: 92–100. doi:10.1111/ijcs.12218, ISSN: 1470-6431 (2016)



Csaba Csáki, Attila Jámbor: Ten Years of EU Membership: How Agricultural Performance Differs in the New Member States, Eurochoices 15:(2) pp. 35-41. (2016)


Alexandra KÖVES

Gábor Király, Alexandra Köves, György Pataki, Gabriella Kiss: Assessing the Participatory Potential of Systems Mapping, Systems Research and Behavioral Science 33:(4) pp. 496-514. (2016)     



Tamás Mizik: Land policy and farm structure: Challenges and opportunities for agriculture in the Western Balkan, Society and Economy 38 (2016) 1, pp. 157–170. (2016)



Zita Kelemen, Péter Nagy, Ildikó Kemény: How to Transfer a Coupon-Based Event into a Hedonic Shopping Experience? Retail Branding Implications Based on the Glamour Shopping Days, Society and Economy, 38 (2). pp. 219-238. (2016)


Q3 Articles


Bálint Blaskovics: The impact of project manager on project success — The case of ICT sector, Society and Economy 38/2 261-281. (2016)



Csaba Csáki, Rob Meredith, Peter O’Donnell, and Frederic Adam: Understanding the scientific contribution of an international community of researchers: the case of the IFIP WG 8.3 Conferences on DSS (1982–2014), Journal of Decision Systems, Volume 25, Issue S1, pp. 198-215. (2016)



Attila Jámbor, Miklós Somai, Sándor Kovács: 10 Years of EU Membership: Diverging Performances in New Member States Agriculture, Ekonomicky Casopis 64:(5) pp. 458-476. (2016)


Attila Jámbor,, Nuno Carlos Leitao: Industry-specific determinants of vertical intra-industry trade: the case of EU new member states’ agri-food sector, Post-Communist Economies 28:(1) pp. 34-48. (2016)


József Popp, Sándor Kovács, Péter Balogh, Attila Jámbor: Co-authorship and Co-citation Networks in the Agricultural Economics Literature: The Case of Central and Eastern Europe, Eastern European Economics 54:(2) pp. 153-170. (2016)


Andrea KŐ

Andrea Kő, Gillani Saira: Research Challenges of ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling Domain – A Text Mining-based Approach, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9831: pp. 182-193. (2016)


Dóra ŐRI

Dóra Őri: An artifact-based framework for business-IT misalignment symptom detection, Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing 267: pp. 148-163. (2016)


Ildikó SZABÓ, Katalin TERNAI

Ildikó Szabó, Katalin Ternai: Semantic Audit Application for Analyzing Business Processes, Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing 268: pp. 3-15. (2016)


Katalin Ternai, Ildikó Szabó: Semantic Application for the Internationalization Audit of Higher Education Institutions, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9831: pp. 194-205. (2016)




Awards in 2016 


Q1 Articles


Zoltán Bakucs, Imre Fertő: Empirical tests of sale theories: Hungarian milk prices, Agricultural Economics-Zemedelska Ekonomika 61:(11) pp. 511-521. (2015)


Zoltán Bakucs, Štefan Bojnec, Imre Fertő: Spatial Product Market Integration between Two Small, Open Neighbouring Economies, Agribusiness (Hoboken): An International Journal 31:(2) pp. 171-187. (2015)

Krisztina DEMETER

Levente Szász, Krisztina Demeter, Harry Boer: Production competence revisited–a critique of the literature and a new measurement approach, Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, Vol. 26, No. 4, pp. 536-560. (2015)

Szabina FODOR

József Abaffy, Szabina Fodor: Reorthogonalization Methods in ABS Classes, Acta Polytechnica Hungarica 12:(6) pp. 23-41. (2015)


Andrea Gelei, Dávid István Losonci, Zsolt Matyusz: Lean production and leadership attributes – the case of Hungarian production managers, Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management 26:(4) pp. 477-500. (2015)


Gábor Harangozó, Gyula Zilahy: Cooperation between business and non-governmental organizations to promote sustainable development, Journal of Cleaner Production 89: pp. 18-31. (2015)


Imre Fertő, Attila Jámbor: Drivers of vertical intra-industry trade: the case of the Hungarian agri-food sector, Agricultural Economics 46:(1) pp. 113-123. (2015);jsessionid=8416F465DD6A2696EC4FE2A44616BBFB.f01t02

Andrea KŐ

Saira Gillani, Andrea Kő: Incremental Ontology Population and Enrichment through Semantic-based Text Mining: An Application for IT Audit Domain, International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems 11:(3) pp. 44-66. (2015)

Judit NAGY

László Torjai, Judit Nagy, Attila Bai: Decision hierarchy, competitive priorities and indicators in large-scale ’herbaceous biomass to energy’ supply chains, Biomass and Bioenergy, 2015 Vol. 80, p. 321-329. (2015)


Mihók Barbara, Kovács Eszter, Balázs Bálint, Pataki György, Ambrus András, Bartha Dénes, Czirák Zoltán, Csányi Sándor, Csépányi Péter, Csőszi Mónika, Dudás György, Egri Csaba, Erős Tibor, Gőri Szilvia, Halmos Gergő, Kopek Annamária, Margóczi Katalin, Miklay Gábor, Milon László, Podmaniczky László, Sárvári János, Schmidt András, Sipos Katalin, Siposs Viktória, Standovár Tibor, Szigetvári Csaba, Szemethy László, Tóth Balázs, Tóth László, Tóth Péter, Török Katalin, Török Péter, Vadász Csaba, Varga Ildikó, William J Sutherland, Báldi András: Bridging the research-practice gap: conservation research priorities in a Central and Eastern European country, Journal for Nature Conservation 28: pp. 133-148. (2015)


J Jäger, M D A Rounsevell, P A Harrison, I Omann, R Dunford, M Kammerlander, Pataki György: Assessing policy robustness of climate change adaptation measures across sectors and scenarios, Climatic Change 128:(3-4) pp. 395-407. (2015)


Eszter, Kelemen Eszter, Kalóczkai Ágnes, Margóczi Katalin, Pataki György, Gébert Judit, Málovics György, Balázs Bálint, Roboz Ágnes, Krasznai Kovács Eszter, Mihók Barbara: Understanding the links between ecosystem service trade-offs and conflicts in protected areas, in Ecosystem Services, Volume 12, April 2015, Pages 117–127. (2015)

Zsuzsanna SZALKAI

Tibor Mandják, Zsuzsanna Szalkai, Edit Neumann-Bódi, Mária Magyar, Judit Simon: Emerging relationships: How are they born? Industrial Marketing Management 49:(August) pp. 32-41. (2015)


Knut J. Ims, Ove Jakobsen, László Zsolnai: Product as process — Commodities in mechanic and organic ontology, Ecological Economics, 2015, vol. 110, pp. 11-14 (2015)


Q2 Articles

Jeremiás Máté BALOGH

Jeremiás Máté Balogh: Investigating the effect of geographical distances and cultural proximity on the Hungarian wine trade, Society and Economy 37:(4) p. 513–529. (2015)

Péter CSÓKA, Dániel HAVRAN

Péter Csóka, Dániel Havran, Nóra Szűcs: Corporate financing under moral hazard and the default risk of buyers, Central European Journal of Operations Research 23:(4) pp. 763-778. (2015)


József Popp , Attila Jámbor: How consistent is the new common agricultural policy with the challenges it faces? Society and Economy 37:(2) pp. 225-243. (2015)

Réka VAS, Krisztián VARGA

Khobreh Marjan, Ansari Fazel, Fathi Madjid, Réka Vas, Mol Stefan, Berkers Hannah, Krisztián Varga: An Ontology-based Approach for the Semantic Representation of Job Knowledge, in IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing PP:(99) p. 1. (2015)


Katalin Illés, László Zsolnai: The Role of Spirituality in Business Education, Society and Business Review, 2015, vol.10, no. 1, pp. 67-75. (2015)


Q3 Articles


Edina Berlinger, György Walter: Income contingent repayment scheme for non-performing mortgage loans in Hungary, Acta Oeconomica, 65(S1), 123-147. (2015)

Krisztina DEMETER

Levente Szász, Krisztina Demeter: Business models along supply chain position and servitisation: an empirical investigation of European manufacturers, Acta Oeconomica, Vol. 65, No. 2, pp. 367-391. (2015)


Tamara Keszey: The Role of Market Researchers in Managerial Use of Market Research Information, Trziste, 27 (1), 43-56. (2015)

Andrea KŐ, Zoltán SZABÓ

Andrea Kő, András Gábor, Zoltán Szabó: Innovative eHealth Services – PISCES Solution, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9265 LNCS: pp. 206-219. (2015)

Dóra ŐRI

Dóra Őri: Towards Detecting Misalignment Symptoms: An Alignment Perspective-Driven Architecture-Matching Framework, Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing 231: pp. 214-232. (2015)


Tünde Tátrai: Joint public procurement, ERA Forum (Vol. 16, pp. 7-24). Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2015)

Katalin TERNAI 

Katalin Ternai: Semi-automatic Methodology for Compliance Checking on Business Processes, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9265: pp. 243-256. (2015)




Awards in 2015

Institute of Informatics

1. Prize



Ildikó SZABÓ, Gábor NEUSCH (2014): Dynamic Skill Gap Analysis Using Ontology Matching, in: Kő, A., Francesconi, E. (Eds.), Electronic Government and the Information Systems Perspective, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer International Publishing, 231–242.

Institute of Finance, Accounting and Business Law

1. Prize


Gábor BENEDEK, Ágnes LUBLÓY, Gyula VASTAG (2014): The Importance of Social Embeddedness: Churn Models at Mobile Providers. Decision Sciences, 45(1),175-201.

2. Prize


Péter CSÓKA, P. Jean-Jacques HERINGS (2014): Risk allocation under liquidity constraints, Journal of Banking & Finance 49, 1-9.

Institute of Marketing and Media

1. Prize



Erika JÁKI, Ágnes NEULINGER (2014): Financial Crisis to Enhance Optimism? – The Impact of the Financial Crisis on the Earnings per Share Forecast Error, Hungarian Statistical Review, Special Number 18, 42-66.

2. Prize



Tibor MANDJÁK, Zsuzsanna SZALKAI, Edit NEUMANN-BÓDI, Mária MAGYAR and Judit SIMON(2014): Phoenix in the Network: The Genesis of a Hungarian Industrial Company. The Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Journal 8(3),107-119.

Institute for the Development of Enterprises

1. Prize



Attila JÁMBOR (2014): Country-Specific Determinants of Horizontal and Vertical Intra-industry Agri-food Trade: The Case of the EU New Member States,Journal of Agricultural Economics, 65(3), 663–682.

2. Prize



Áron TÖRÖK, József TÓTH, Liesbeth DRIES, Stefano PASCUCCI (2014): Keeping Your Secrets Public? Open Versus Closed Innovation Processes in the Hungarian Wine Sector, International Food and Agribusiness Management Review 17(1), 147-162.

Institute of Business Economics (shared prize)

1. Prize


Krisztina DEMETER (2014): Operating internationally—The impact on operational performance improvement, International Journal of Production Economics 149, 172–182.

1. Prize


Imre DOBOS, Gyöngyi VÖRÖSMARTY (2014): Green supplier selection and evaluation using DEA-type composite indicators, International Journal of Production Economics 157, 273–278.

Institute of Management

1. Prize

Lilla HORTOVÁNYI, Adrienn FERINCZ (2014): The impact of ICT on learning on-the-job, The Learning Organization, 22(1), 2-13.





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