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Programme of the Research Week - 16-20. January 2017


Programmes in English

16th January

15.00-18.00 – Future Earth Workshop

Organiser: Zsolnai László

Venue: room C.203

The Business Ethics Center of Corvinus University of Budapest plans to organize a workshop on Future Earth on January 16 or 17, 2016.

Program includes:


  • Paul Shrivatsva, Executive Director, Future Earth & Professor, Concordia University Montreal (via skype)
  • Laszlo Zsolnai, Professor and Director, Business Ethics Center, Corvinus University of Budapest – New Business Models for Future Earth
  • Laszlo Fekete, Associate Professor, Business Ethics Center, Corvinus University of Budapest – The Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic Trade Partnerships and their Environmental Consequences
  • Attila Chikán, Jr. CEO, ALTEO Group – Sustainable Energy Solutions (tbd)

17th January

9.00-12.00 – Critical approaches to expatriation - Tuomo Peltonen

Organiser: Primecz Henriett

Venue: room C.203

The study of expatriates and the expatriation process has long been a key preoccupation in international management research. Questions such as the dynamics of cross-cultural adjustment, the role of the family and the spouse, and the process of repatriation to home organization have received a wealth of attention in HRM and international business literatures. Despite these advances, the mainstream debate is still dominated by empiricist and functionalist paradigms. This workshop will discuss the potential of other, critical approaches to expatriation and how they could shed new light on this phenomenon.  These include a consideration of post-functionalist theories such as interpretative paradigm, critical theory and post-structuralism. In terms of methods, the session discusses alternative empirical strategies, like narrative and discourse analysis, expatriate ethnography and the study of power relations. These are illustrated with the help of actual research projects.

19th January

9.00-12.00 – Spirituality workshop - Tuomo Peltonen

Organiser: Primecz Henriett

Venue: room C.203 

Spirituality is an emerging issue within organization and management studies, with a growing body of scholarship and the appearance of specialist conferences, interest groups and journals. Yet at the same time, what exactly constitutes the object of interest for organizational spirituality scholarship and how it should be theorized remains something of an enigma. Some of the contributions treat spirituality as another “variable” related to issues such as business ethics, workplace well-being and organizational leadership. Others, in turn, argue for a sharp distinction between experiential spirituality and the otherworldly business of religious holiness. In this workshop, I want to discuss and explore the meaning of organizational spirituality from a more robust philosophico-theological perspective. Leaning on the classical transcendental metaphysics of Plato, and some of the modern interpreters of the Platonist legacy, including sociologist Pitirim Sorokin and political philosopher Eric Voegelin, I try to arrive at an understanding of spirituality as a general theory perspective on organizing, order and socio-cultural change.


9.00-12.00 – Research in entrepreneurship -  (CBS -Em Normandie joint program)

Organiser: Jámbor Attila

Venue: room C.204 

Roland Condor (Entrepreneurship chair holder, Lecturer in Strategy & Project Management, EM Normandie)

  • chair in Entrepreneurship at EM Normandie (followed by a discussion about the interest of the chairs in business schools)
  • program of the chair 2014-2016 on the drivers and obstacles to growth in SMEs (followed by a discussion)
  • presentation of the new program of the chair (Agri-entrepreneurship) 2017-2019

Lilla Hortoványi (Head of department, Department of Strategic Management, Research Centre of Strategic and International Management)

  • directions in entrepreneurship research: organizational learning, succession, growth and renewal, and ambidexterity 
  • program for the research center (2015-2020)

László Kállay (Head of department, Small Business Development Center)

György Drótos (Family Business Research Center)

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