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Programme of the Research Week - 29. May - 2. June 2018



Programmes in English

29th May

14.00-16.00 - Finance PhD Symposium

Organiser: Havran Dániel

Venue: C109

The Department of Finance organizes the Annual Symposium in Finance for the Doctoral Students of the Doctoral School of Management.

30th May

17.00-19.00 - „Softis-ped” and SMART PLUS projects

Organiser: Gábor András, Borbásné Szabó Ildikó

Venue: C205

SMART PLUS aims to develop an innovative system that allows the identification of the mismatch between the competences required by the tourism industry labor market and the training contents offered by the educational institutions. Indeed, this system will provide a tool that allows educational institutions to identify a set of competences currently required by the tourism industry. Indeed, one of the tools created will allow the learners’ self-assessment of key competences, which contributes to raise awareness of their needs and also allows trainers to customize complementary learning pathways to increase learners’ employability.

At the same time, SMART PLUS will also make available an e-learning solution that can be customized according to the assessment carried out by each institution. This will give educational institutions the opportunity to complement their training offer by adapting their contents and curricula to the labor market needs through the SMART PLUS training addressing key competences.

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