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Corvinus Science Shop (CSS), established in May 2017, channels community questions and needs into education and research on the Faculty.

There is an ever growing need for students with strong sense of responsibility and wider perspective on reality, who are capable of aiming at higher purposes and engage communities through their future work and leadership. Corvinus Business School’s response to this need was strengthening the ties between educators and civil society actors and providing the necessary resources to allow for their meaningful collaboration.

Corvinus Science Shop acts not only as an open door to the university for civil society organisations and social businesses but is also equipped with methods and tools to facilitate a successful partnership among them. This effort is also in line with the so called “third mission” of the institution to become an open and inclusive university that puts its knowledge and know-how in use for the benefit of society.

CSS can serve Hungarian as well as international students studying on the Budapest Corvinus University with projects and thesis work topics.

Last modified: 2019.03.11.