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PhD in Business Informatics

Doctoral School of Business Informatics

Corvinus University of Budapest




Name of the Doctoral School: Doctoral School of Business Informatics, Corvinus University of Budapest

Address: H-1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 8.

Phone.: +36 1 482-7462


Head of the Doctoral School: Krisztina Demeter, DSc

  • H-1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 8. 122.
  • Phone: +36 1 482-5060 Fax. +36 1 482-5567
  • E-mail: krisztina.demeter@uni-corvinus.hu


Program Director of the Doctoral School: Kő Andrea, PhD

  • H-1093 Budapest, Fővám tér13-15. (Sóház) 226.
  • Phone: +36 1 482-7416 Fax. +36 1 482-7422
  • E-mail: andrea.ko@uni-corvinus.hu


Specialization areas covered by the Program:


  • Information management and business informatics (András Gábor)
  • Data analysis and modelling (Andrea Kő)
  • Economic- and social statistics (Ilona Cserháti)
  • Future studies (Erzsébet Nováky)
  • Media and information regulation (Zsolt Balogh)


The units of the Program:


1. Educational and research unit


Duration of the unit: 4 semesters, during which at least 120 credits have to be collected.


Distribution of credits:

1) educational credits (min. 60 credits): a minimum of 12 courses to be accomplished: 6 compulsory, 4 specialization, 2 elective.

2) research credits (min. 40 credits):

a) consultation: max. 5 credits/semester, awarded by the supervisor at the end of each semester

b) publication: min. 16 credits

c) participation in doctoral events: max. 4 credits  (every PhD student has to participate in at least 1 thesis-proposal defense and 1 dissertation defense every year – 1 credit/event)

3) teaching credits (4-20 credits)

(previous teaching experience can be acknowledged)


After collecting 120 credits, the unit ends with the complex exam.


The complex exam has 2 parts:

  • Academic/theoretical part (based on the accomplished courses)
  • Dissertation part: the PhD student reports on his/her research results, gives a literature review and presents his/her research plan for the thesis writing unit of the Doctoral Program. This part of the exam is based on a 20-30 pages essay submitted by the PhD student in advance.


2. Individual research and thesis writing


During this unit, the PhD student carries on with his/her research, publishes the research results, prepares and defends his/her thesis-proposal and dissertation.


Duration of the unit: 4 semesters, but it can be postponed for two more semesters. The dissertation has to be submitted within 6 semesters.


Credit requirements of this unit: 120 credits.


Distribution of credits:

1) research and publication credits (min. 100 kredit)

Minimum number of publication credits: 20.

2) teaching credits (4-20 credits)

By collecting 240 credits the PhD student achieves the absolutorium, a pre-degree certificate stating that all course-units have been completed, and the research and teaching requirements were also fulfilled.


Defense of the thesis-proposal


(also called “Dissertation plan - workshop debate” in the regulations of the Doctoral Council)

The defense of the thesis-proposal usually takes place about 6 months before the dissertation is submitted.


Defense of the final doctoral thesis (dissertation)


It has to be submitted within 2 years after beginning the second unit.

The length of the dissertation: 120-150 pages (without references).



Application for the Doctoral Program:


Application deadline (please check the web site, it may change): May 15, 2019.

Tuition fee: TBD/semester (the amount may change for the later semesters)


Criteria for application:


One may gain entrance to organised doctoral training by undergoing the entrance procedure. University doctoral trainings may be entered by

Hungarian citizens, who have

a) A university degree or an accredited certificate of equivalent value acquired at a Master’s (MA or MSc) programme, graded at least “good” (or an equivalent grade). The student may be absolved from the “good” grade requirement after a time of three years from acquiring the degree, but only if they have shown sufficient research performance;

b) At least one „B2” (or higher) complex language certificate, issued by the state or an equivalently accredited body;

c) Professional and scientific skills which meet the doctoral school’s standards;

Foreign citizens, who have

a) A university degree or an accredited certificate of equivalent value acquired at a Master’s (MA or MSc) programme, graded at least “good” (or an equivalent grade).

b) Language skills the doctoral school prescribes;

c) Professional and scientific skills which meet the doctoral school’s standards.


To apply for the doctoral training, the following documents have to be submitted:


1. Enrollment form;

2. University degree certificate (copy);

3. University report book (copy);

4. Curriculum vitae with publication list;

5. Preliminary research plan (2-3 pages);

6. Research essay (7-10 pages), with literature review

7. Statement of acceptance, issued by the selected department or research center, the dissertation supervisor and the head of the specialization;

8. Language certificate copies (originals need to be shown as well),

9. Receipt which certifies the payment of the application fee (9 000 HUF);

10. Document of approval issued by the workplace (in case of privately financed training);

11. Other documents (e.g. credentials).


For more information visit here.

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