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Physical Education Departement and University Sports Centre

4-6 Közraktár Street, 1093 Budapest, floor 6, room-650
Phone number: +36-1/482-7193

Gymcard info



PE is an obligatory subject, you HAVE TO complete two courses during your first two academic years. But you CAN of course attend more than two, if you feel like it, WITH registration trough the Neptun system.

You can only register for one PE course a semester.

Register code for 2016/17/1 semester: TES_TESTNEVC

Should a student miss two classes at the beginning of the semester, her/his name will be automatically deleted by the teacher.

PE informations

Conditions of acceptance

  • active class participation (please don’t be late!)
  • During a semester you can miss five classes. You have to make up for three of them. Please ask your PE teacher about the make-up possibilities.
  • Please make up for your missed classes in short time (two weeks). Don’t postpone it until the final weeks of the semester.
  • You can even make up for your classes IN ADVANCE.
  • You can only take part in one PE class per day, regardless of whether it’s a regular or a make-up class. At a make-up class, please ask your PE teacher for a written confirmation.
  • There aren’t any make-up possibilities in the last two weeks of the semester.
  • For the classes held in the sports hall it is recommended to bring a towel to cover the gym mat with, because of health reasons. For the same reasons it is obligatory to use a towel in the gym.

University gym


Location: 2-6 Kinizsi Street (University Hostel)
You can buy a gym season pass at the following times and locations:  


Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday room 650

Friday: CLOSED!

Gym season pass price: HUF 4000/15 sessions, HUF 3500/10 session, HUF 2000/5 sessions

  • If you need any information about the gym or the season ticket, please contact department secretary Csilla Páhán , phone nr.: 482-7193
  • To complete the form, a valid student card and a passport photo is required (a photocopy is not acceptable)
  • It is obligatory to change into gym shoes and use a towel; bags are not allowed.
  • A gym session lasts two hours.
  • After the workout you have to put back the dumbbells and gym discs.

Opening hours (from 05 . September 2016:

  • Monday-Friday 15:30 – 22:30 
  • Saturday-Sunday 10:00 - 18:45


PE classes 

Neptun codes and courses.


EG - body toning workout

EGF - body toning workout for boys

EGL - body toning workout for girls

FL - floorball

F - soccer

JUJ- jujutsu

KO - gym workout

K - basketball

PIL - pilates

R - volleyball

SAE - step aerobic

TJ -spinal exercises

TL - badminton

TÚ - hiking (on the weekends)

U - swimming

ZG - gymnastics to music



AI - aikido

HD-hiphop dance

JA - yoga

JU - judo

KS - Cuban salsa

NT - Hungarian folk dance

TTK - ballroom dancing for beginners(extra charge)

TTH - ballroom dancing advanced(extra charge)

ST-  stretching exercises

TE - tennis( extra charge)

ZU - zumba(extra charge)

PE classes - locations

·Sports Hall in the Secondary School Lónyay (Lónyai Református Gimnázium), 1-7 Kinizsi Street, Budapest 1092 (Distric 9)

How you get there: a five-minutes walk from the university (next to the gym)

google maps: http://goo.gl/maps/OKu2n

Classes held there: aikido, judo


National University of Public Service (former Faculty of Public Administration)  Mányoki út 5, Budapest 1118 (Distric 11)

How you get there: take the tram nr. 47 or 49 to the station called Bertalan Lajos utca, or walk across the Freedom Bridge (Szabadság-híd) to the Gellért Square (Gellért tér) and take any of the trams to Bertalan Lajos utca. From this station walk up the Mészöly Street (it is called Mészöly utca, but they’re actually stairs). To the left you will find a sign called Uszoda (Swimming hall)

google maps: http://goo.gl/maps/5CR1N

Classes held there:  swimming


University Hostel Kinizsi, 2-6 Kinizsi Street, Budapest 1092 (two facilities: sports hall and gym)

How you get there: a five-minutes walk from the university

google maps: http://goo.gl/maps/OVnYh

Classes held there:

in the sports hall: basketball,  floorball, badminton, volleyball 

in the gym: gym workout,


BEAC Sports Centre (BEAC Sporttelep), 10 Bogdánfy Ödön Street, Budapest 1118 (District 11)

How you get there: take the tram nr. 4 or 6 to Petőfi híd, budai hídfő (Petőfi Bridge, Buda side) and walk down the Infopark to the Sport Centre.

google maps: http://goo.gl/maps/pW1d0

Classes held there:  soccer (indoors), tennis (extra charge; in the winter indoors)


New Building Dance Hall, 4-6. Közraktár Street, Budapest 1092


How you get there: in the new, modern university building, from the main entrance to the left

Classes held there: body toning workout, stretching, gymnastics to music,  spinal exercises , ballroom dancing (extra charge), yoga (extra charge), Hungarian folk dance (extra charge), zumba(extra charge),Cuban salsa (extra charge)

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