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How to Apply

  • Choose the programme you wish to join

Visit the website www.uni-corvinus.hu/eng where you can find up-to-date information about the programmes and courses which are offered by the University. The curriculum is constantly being developed.

  • Study the programme description

Read the programme description carefully in order to make a good decision concerning your future career.

  • Check the admission requirements

The admission requirements may vary in some cases.

  • Send application forms and required documents to the Study Office of the faculty offering the programme

Complete the application form, collect copies of the necessary documents, and pay the application fee. All credentials and documents in a language other than English must be translated by an official translation agency. A notarised copy of the original diploma must be supplied to provide official proof of degree.

  • Learn how to apply for a study visa and residence permit

Check the following websites: Consular Services and Residense in Hungary.

  • Complete the entrance examination

Students applying for admission to the programmes may take an entrance examination. Check programme descriptions.

  • Apply for the preparatory programme if your knowledge is not sufficient for the programme in which you wish to study

Education for International students

The Corvinus Business School welcomes students to its international study and exchange programs from the  Partner Institutions of the University.
You are kindly asked to apply at your home university. After a selection procedure you will be nominated to study at Corvinus.

Therefore, it is crucial that you should first contact the International Office or the responsible Exchange Program Coordinator of your home university.

If you do not study at one of our partner institutions but would like to study at Corvinus, we advise you to contact the International Study Center that runs study programs for international students with tuition fee.

Students who are supported by different international institutions or funds, they can also get the status of an exchange student, if they have a Letter of Acceptance from the University.

Language Requirement

The Corvinus University considers it very important that the good standard of teaching and learning should not be hindered by language problems. Therefore, you are strongly advised to apply to study at the Corvinus University only if your command of the language of instruction is unquestionably enough for university studies. The university reserves the right to reject students who do not have the appropriate language skills – even during their study period.

The Application Procedure

Online Nomination by the Home Institution

  • is obligatory
  • takes place at the MOBility Manager Program of the Corvinus University (partners receive the website and instructions by e-mail),
  •  is open

               • to nominate fall semester and whole academic year candidates:
                 April 1 – April 25
(if necessary, till May 30),
               • to nominate spring semester candidates:
                 October 1 – October 25
(if necessary, till November 30),

  • Exception: State scholars are not necessarily nominated online by their home university but they must be nominated officially by the Scholarship Board concerned

Online Student Registration

  • is obligatory for all exchange students
  • takes place at the MOBility Manager Program of the Corvinus University (See Student Registration)
  • can be accessed by using the login data that are sent to the students by e-mail as part of the nomination (see above)
  • is usually* open
          ■ for fall semester registration: in May,
          ■ for spring semester registration: in November,
          *the exact dates will be sent to the partners and to the nominated students
  • is made up of two parts:
          ■ Application Form (Personal data and certain other details should be provided here)
          ■ Course Registration Form
  • Exchange students are invited to take courses from various units within the university. (See Courses) However, applicants are discouraged from choosing courses offered at faculties/units that are not close to their subject areas.
  • Exchange students are free to choose courses offered in English, German and French.
  • It works on a first-come – first-served basis (some of the courses fill up fast).
  • Completing the Course Registration Form is optional for students who come for a study period of maximum 3 months (ie. not a whole semester).
  • In general, the limit is 30 ECTS per semester at most and 1 course at least. We recommend taking 25-30 ECTS per semester.
  • Further important instructions (including general restrictions to course selection) are given in the Information section of the online system.

Application Materials (Form, Photos)

  • completed and signed Registration Form printed out from the MOBility Manager (MOB) online system (see explanation above) and
  • two passport photos (on paper and in electronic format).

Deadline to Return Application Materials (Form, Photos)

  • for fall semester: May 31
  • for spring semester: November 30


International Study Programs Office


International Office

  • address: Corvinus University of Budapest / International Office / Fővám tér 8., H-1093 Budapest
  • phone: +36-1-482-5023
  • e-mail: intoffice(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu

Last modified: 2016.11.17.