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Research Grant Opportunities

Application for the Research Committee’s grant is continuous, the evaluation decision shall be made on any complete application within 5 working days of its submission. Support of the application is automatic up to the budget frame, in case the applicant fulfils the requirements of the Committee. After this starts the official permission process of the university, which shall be initiated and managed by the applicant. By timing the application process the applicant should take into consideration that administration can take 2-3 weeks. Guidance for this procedure can be found on our website. Incompliance regarding the accepted support conditions by the end of the given deadlines automatically concludes in a ban for further grant applications for the upcoming two consecutive years. 

Since 5. February 2018 hand-in of applications is possible exclusively through the Committee’s online application platform, which can be reached from devices connected to the university’s network: http://workflow.business.research.uni-corvinus.hu. Logging into the system requires registration. After the registration we ask you to log in and fill out the corresponding application form. 


Call for Application

1. International Academic Concerence Participation

2. Networking Event Participation

3. Academic Self-Education

4. Proofreading

5. Open Access Publication

6. Organisation of International Scientific Events

7. Seed Money for International Empirical Research

8. Participation at Domestic Academic Conferences



Last modified: 2019.03.11.