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Science Cafés

26th April, 2016 at 9.30, Room E.118.2.

 “How can the odd couple of Mr. Structure and Miss Creativity make it spark?”

Speaker: Professor Jesper Vej, Copenhagen Business School

Creativity is a topic that most companies are interested in. Nevertheless not very many companies have a defined strategy for Creativity.  In this workshop we will question some of the common stereotypes about Creativity; e.g. “Creativity cannot be structured”, “Creativity is not for me”, “I need peace and quiet in order to be creative”, “Creativity is for advertising companies”. Another topic for discussion will be to what extent Creativity can be put on a formula.

Jesper Vej is a professor at Copenhagen. He has a long career from Business Life, starting in Maersk Line over various IT-startups, and now working in a consultancy company. He has vast experience from consultancy in the field of Innovation / Creativity, centered round organizational culture. He is currently writing the book “Innoway’to go” to be published in October 2016.

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Host: Institute of Business Economics

18th March, 2016 at 9.30, Room S2.

IT Management in Crisis Situation

Speaker: Professor Toon Abcouwer, University of Amsterdam

Houston...., we have a problem, 

or the necessity to innovate and the inability of management to do so. 
Abcouwer focuses on the different roles that information and information systems play in the various phases of handling crisis. It is crucial for management to learn to deal with the problem to integrate that roles in one single Information systems infrastructure. He believes that traditional governance approaches only offer a partial solution for that.

Host: Institute of Informatics

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