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07.06.2019 10:34 Age: 1 year

The EQUIS Accredited Certificate of Corvinus Business School

The EQUIS Accredited Certificate of Corvinus Business School was delivered to our Dean, Professor Zita Zoltay Paprika PhD at the EFMD Annual Conference yesterday evening.

By this institutional recognition, the School joined the top two per cent of the world's business schools. A total of 182 schools are currently EQUIS accredited, less than a hundred from Europe. In the past year, only seven new schools have been added to this circle. CBS is the only School entitled to the EQUIS Accredited address.

EQUIS is an international quality development tool, which has led CBS to several years of self-evaluation and development. Last year, this process culminated in the on-site Peer Review Visit and the positive decision of the EFMD EQUIS Board in December.

CBS acknowledges the committed work of

  • all CBS colleagues for the progress and evolution of the School
  • 10 chapter-teams of faculty and staff in preparing the Self- Assessment Report
  • large group of students contributing to the Student Report
  • 108 colleagues, students and alumni, and corporate partners participating in the Peer Review Visit.

The School has worked for EQUIS

  • in its everyday activities and strategic decisions in the past 10 years
  • via 18 preparatory and writing workshops with and for the colleagues in the past 2 years
  • by communicating to and discussing with the faculty and staff the details of accreditation in at least 23 sessions only in the past 3 years

Last modified: 2019.03.11.