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01.04.2019 15:07 Age: 1 year

EFMD: Workshop in Budapest for the intellectual impact of scientific results

We are proud to announce that EFMD reported about our workshop.

We are proud to announce that EFMD reported about our workshop held during the Research Week. Nearly 40 researchers from six nations discussed the intellectual impact at the university.

The discussions revolved around three world café tables including topics like the real impact of research has on students, on businesses around us and on society as a whole. An important edification was the following: while the scientific results are easy to quantify, the personal, economic or social impacts are hard to measure.

The participants examined questions like how the research influence the world around us, how could researchers incorporate the results of their research into teaching, how the results are built into everyday business practices and how the research reaches a wider audience and changes the way they think of a particular topic.

The report can be found at the website of EFMD.

EFMD is an international, membership organisation, recognised globally as an accreditation body for quality & impact assessment in management with established accreditation services for business schools.

Their BSIS label is designed to determine the extent and nature of a Business School’s Impact upon its local environment. CBS was awarded with BSIS in 2016, and the label was renewed in 2018.


Last modified: 2019.03.11.