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13.11.2017 17:05 Age: 3 yrs

Corvinus Students’ Pursuit of Cornell University Certificates

One of the top, most selective group of colleges and universities around the world are the Ivy League schools, which include: Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Princeton, Yale and Cornell.

One of the top, most selective group of colleges and universities around the world are the Ivy League schools, which include: Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Princeton, Yale and Cornell.

In the past few years Corvinus University Budapest has established a partnership with Cornell University, US to assist our students in their pursuit of complementing their business management studies specializing in marketing and revenue management.

In March of 2017, a dozen of our students enrolled into the prestigious online Hospitality Management Certificate program. There were 3 courses to select from:

1. Certificate in Hospitality Management

2. Certificate in Hospitality Marketing

3. Certificate in Hotel Revenue Management

Students who successfully complete all of the assessment components in the selected certificate program, receive a Hospitality Management Certificate from Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration.

Our students have a full year to finish the program by completing all of the exams for the 6 modules, which make up the certificate requirements.  A great variety of assessment is given, such as submission of business plans, participation in discussions, live chats and analysis of case studies.

We are very proud to announce, that two of our CUB students, Ms. Julia Palik and Ms. Zsuzsa Petróczi completed the program in six months, way ahead of schedule, with excellent results!


Ms. Julia Palik , Tourism and Catering 2.nd year student reflected on her studies with the following letter:

„ Fulfilling this online course was one of the best choice to start a successful career with.

When I firstly heard about this course I was really excited and enthusiastic. I have always been convinced about that getting through the university, even completing it prominently is not enough to differentiate from others. I felt that I need to obtain as much knowledge and experience as possible during the university. Thanks to the possibility to complete the eCornell program provided by the Corvinus, I succeeded.

After the lecture about the program, obtaining all of the necessary information, I was really confused and hesitating. I was not sure if it is worth or not. After thinking a lot, I decided to accomplish it, because I thought that it must be great, being an Ivy League program, and if I am wrong, it still have a name and prestige.

 The course was really exciting and enjoyable with many videos, tools, interesting case-studies, discussions, conferences, tests, and practical assignments. The coordinators were really helpful and active through the courses, they have always been there for us. The course structure and the content were clear and transparent, and it was easy to use the platform as well. At the end of each course we had a big project assignment, an Action Plan, which summarized the whole course. We needed to apply the knowledge and experience obtained during the course to solve a business problem chose by us, which was really complex, but useful to conclude the course.

Now, after finishing the eCornell program, I can say that, it gave me a lot more than I expected. The knowledge, experience, skills, and the huge quantity of materials handed over, not even mention the world-wide relationships made through the program, gave me a lot more than the name ,,Cornell” itself.  It gave me a multicolored knowledge and unique and global perspective.

    I honestly recommend this course for everyone, who eager to develop professionally, and desire to be better and more.”

Julia Palik

Ms. Zsuzsa Petróczi also Tourism and Catering 2.nd year student summarized her learning experience the following way:

„ In November 2016 I was introduced to the opportunity of participating in a certificate programme provided by Cornell University. Three different online courses were offered, all related to the Hospitality Industry, these were: Hospitality Management, Hospitality Marketing and Hotel Revenue Management.

I got really excited since I have always been interested in the Hotel and Tourism Industry, and at the same time I was a little bit concerned and scared because I did not feel ready to complete a course in a foreign language. Moreover Online Learning was also something new for me. But then, after attending an Information Night, luckily, I decided to start the Hospitality Management Course.

It turned out that my doubts were totally unnecessary and looking back, I am really glad that I took the opportunity and completed this course.

The Hospitality Management Course included four obligatory modules and two optional modules. The optional modules I chose were related to the Food & Beverage Industry. Before starting the Course we had to also choose dates for the different modules and schedule our classes. I found it quite easy and I especially liked that we could chose dates that were the most convenient for us. Once, I had to reschedule one of my classes which was actually surprisingly quick since I got the proper help from the HelpDesk.

To tell the truth, the field of Hospitality Management was completely new for me but personally I really enjoyed all of the modules I have participated in. All my teachers were extremely helpful and experienced, they were always reachable whenever we needed their help or feedback. Articles, videos, tests and real life examples were provided by professionals to make sure the students understand the curriculum. Every module included two discussions which I found very educational. My classmates always had amazing ideas and they shared their personal experiences. From these comments I could not only learn a lot but I also read them with excitement every single time.

If you ask me, eCornell has given me a special knowledge and learning experience. For me, this method of studying was really enjoyable and I could only say positive things about the Programme. I would happily do it again any time and recommend it to those who would like to gain a special knowledge and learn from professionals.”

27 October 2017

Zsuzsa Petroczi


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