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20.12.2016 15:02 Age: 4 yrs

EnRRICH in Hungary

Living Knowledge, The International Science Shop Network included Corvinus in its newletter.

Below you can read an excerpt from the 2017 January newletter.

What has happened at Corvinus University of Budapest so far...

Dr. Reka Matolay, Assistant Professor at Corvinus Business School about introducing Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and establishing a Science Shop at the university:

Corvinus Business School is one of the newcomers to Science Shops in EnRRICH. We are experiencing an intensive process of how this institution and community based research (CBR) can be introduced, interpreted and embedded in our field: management education. In this overview of our activities in 2016 we are highlighting those pinpoints we believe to be important for

  • creating the interest in and drive for CBR and the Science Shop of the faculty members on the one hand, and
  • building up the relationships with community partners, establishing an ecosystem of CBR in Hungary on the other.

These internal and external initiatives of ours were taking place within the RRI paradigm, thus here we also would like to show how that frame was utilized and built upon.

Introducing RRI
The very first challenge of our EnRRICH team at Corvinus was to capture and understand RRI for a management education context. Our approach was planned to be open and inclusive, consequently we offered RRI lectures and information sessions for staff members, and designed a series of interactive workshops. By these formats, we envisaged a public and joint meaning making of RRI keys and provided a room for faculty professional development that builds on the notions of responsibility. These workshops reached almost one third of the faculty, and made colleagues to reflect on: to what extent their teaching activities support or conflict the policy agendas of RRI. The most interested colleagues continued this process of reflection in autumn 2016, formed groups around policy agendas and have studied their teaching practices in details throughout the semester, assisting each other in this process as supportive micro-communities.

Establishing a Science Shop and reaching out
In order to establish our Science Shop we are offering workshops on CBR for colleagues during the Faculty Research Week of each semester. First a successful Science Shop – Queen’s University of Belfast – was introduced. It was followed by a workshop where key stakeholders – community partners, students, teaching and research staff, university decision makers, other interested universities – discussed the opportunities and challenges of introducing Science Shops to higher education institutions (HEI) in Hungary. A world café event with a Civil Society Organisation embedded in the direct neighbourhood of Corvinus was organized to faculty members to raise awareness of the closest context of the university, the local district of Budapest and its communities. This resulted in student projects and an invitation to the community radio where the Research Director of Corvinus Business School György Pataki had the opportunity to introduce our Science Shop initiatives and discuss the openness of the university to research requests from its local communities.

The latter elements already show how Corvinus reaches out to external stakeholders and communities. Further major steps in this field have been publishing an open call for community research questions together with the Central-European University (approx. 30 applications arrived in two weeks); conference talks and discussions about Science Shops in other HEIs in Hungary; meetings and an open symposium with the other ongoing RRI projects in Hungary: FoTRRIS and SPARKS.


Internally we experienced pilots of Science Shop activities, such as the several student research projects for community partners in the course on “Social Entrepreneurship and Civil Economy”. Workshop for engaging colleagues was developed with the trigger question of “how to teach business with non-business organizations?” This is planned to be a recurrent, fairly regular workshop where one community partner introduces its challenges to faculty members with various backgrounds in business and management studies. This first occasion resulted in a handful of research questions and student project ideas; one of them actually becoming a project in a Service Marketing class during the semester.

Questions can be directed to Reka Matolay reka.matolay(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu

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