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EQUIS Review Visit at Corvinus Business School

About one hundred Corvinus students and staff members were interviewed by the peer review team of EQUIS, the leading international institutional accreditation, between 18-20 September at CBS. The visit is the top event of the EQUIS accreditation process our School launched three years ago.

The peer review team of four internationally acknowledged academic and corporate experts aimed at evaluation the quality of the School against the EQUIS criteria and in order to confirm the claims made by the School in its 240-page long Self-Assessment Report.

During the group interviews 63 members of the academic and administrative faculty, 33 current and former students, as well as 11 corporate partners responded to the questions of:


  • Peter Wolnizer, the former Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Sydney,
  • Metka Tekavčič, Dean, Faculy of Economics, University of Ljubljana
  • Raghavan Srinivasan, Director at theIndian Institute of Management, Bangalore and
  • Lee Dalgleish Leadership and HR Consultant.


The visit ended with a debriefing session by the reviewers providing positive feedback and several recommendations. The decision about the EQUIS accreditation of CBS is going to be made by the Board of EMFD on 11 December, 2018.


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